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We don't wanna judge you or anything but if you don't get what the dumb fox means you're just dumb. So, for all the dummies out there, since the book 'Start-up for Dummies' hasn't been released yet and Sillicon Valley is only coming back in April, we took it on ourselves to spread the word.

#Anyways, we are two girls who graduated from university, over valuing ourselves and under estimated by society (including our own teachers). Whoever said university builds you up for success, must own a university to actually believe in it. So we could have gone to look for a job but you know, economic crisis and stuff #ToughClimate #TheStruggleIsReal pushed us to do our own startup. That was a lie, we never get pushed. Honestly, we just wanted to be our own boss, can't a girl just dream?

So, yes we own a startup called Affixx, which you probably haven't heard of because it hasn't been launched yet. But stay tuned, it's coming. That's what they all say. But seriuosly, it's gonna be really famous, e.g. making the world a better place. That's what they all say again. So Tech Crunch #2020 Here We Come!

You know how all those spritual guides always say that once you start moving towards your goal the universe follows up and sends things your way #energy, well, destiny called, and gave us an opportunity to take part of a project called PPP conducted the amazing Dr. C.C (privacy is a top policy). PPP stands for Progress, Problems and Plans, or in our terms Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. The aim of the project is to take an idea and tranform it into a fuck'n unicorn. Well, not really but kinda. It provides the mentorship and support a team at the early stage needs and allows to benchmark the progress made against the previous weeks.

To keep it short ans sweet, we hope you'll join, support, follow, like our facebook page, comment, be a member, be inspired, be inspiring, be motivated, be active, get clever and just graduate while looking dumber than you really are. The Kardashians made lots of money out of it.

#anyways #2020 #thestruggleisreal #toughclimate

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The Dumb Fox tells you the true story of what it's really like to build a startup in today's world. We keep ourselves authentic throughout, highlighting the struggles, success and everything in between. What we write about is what we go through at the moment and not another success story told looking back. Because let's face it, that's just boring and we already know the end, so what's the point really? 

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