PPP- Week 1

Affixx is a student academic-work sharing platform which helps knowledge spread in an easy, accessible way. Affixx, which means connecting between two things e.g. the knowledge and the students, aims to help current students to build upon previous work and research already conducted in the field. Previous students upload their work to the website and receive money whenever someone purchases it. The platform focuses on essays/reports, dissertations/thesis/PHd and revision notes. It is important to note that the platform is solely for referencing purposes and knowledge sharing, and does not promote plagiarism. Terms and conditions will be presented at the time of the purchase so students are aware that we are not responsible and liable for any plagiarism, and to further enforce it, papers will be water-marked.

The team is comprised of Dana and Tom (MSc Technology Entrepreneurship students) and Adi a fashion design graduate. Yes yes, you read it right, I did say fashion. How is it relevant? Only God knows (and only he can judge #Amen).

#Anyways getting to the interesting part.


This was the first week of ‘operations’ so to speak, however, we accomplished quite a lot.

First thing was to complete the team as we found a CTO and we unified as a team through FaceTime #21stCenturyBitch since apparently for one member of the team, the 2 hour train ticket from Geneva was too expensive. Not to be picky or anything but the other team member (Dana) flew all the way from London to Zurich (Adi’s house) for the meeting.

The idea got a clearer shape by simply doing a brainstorming session in which each of us said the way they imagine the website. Those who say that men and women are the same, should definitely read 'Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’. While we put value in the customer visualised experience, the CTO chose the easy way out, aka a template (an ugly one if we may say), while trying to be cheap about hiring a graphic designer when we are the ones paying. #Anyways, we later created individual wireframes to put our thoughts down on paper. Once we agreed on a design concept (2 vs. 1 is always a winner), we used InDesign (a photoshop software) to create a clearer version.

Tom started working on the backend of the website while Adi and myself started doing some research regarding competitors and customer development via a survey. The survey aims to get a deeper understanding into how students approach their assignment and what difficulties they encounter while researching, gathering data, structuring and editing it. And whether they will be willing to provide their previous work in exchange for money. The majority who answered yes and maybe to the question left their email addresses for further contact.


As for now, we have not received as many responses as we hoped we would #KarmaIsABitch. 40% of the respondents so far said that they are not willing to upload their previous work, and we thought that it may be because they do not want their name to appear on the paper. Like drunken photos on every social media platform is a must but when asked to show off your intelligence (or lack of), suddenly privacy matters #priorities #TooCoolForSchool. Therefore, we made sure to change one of the questions in the survey to upload papers anonymously, so we are currently waiting for the results to see whether this affects the number of positive responses or not.

Another issue is that we own affixx.co.uk and affixx.co (all that's missing is just 1 M), however the affix.com domain is for sale yet quite expensive (£2218). Like honey, this is prime London rent, or at least a LOT of margaritas. So we are thinking whether it would be a good investment to get this domain #PrioritiesTake2, as .com domains usually have more credibility and are more familiar and reliable to target a larger audience than a geographic one.


*We are aiming for at least 50 responses for the survey

*Breakdown of all technical costs and requirements

*Pricing analysis in comparison to competitors

*Cost of the business breakdown (marketing etc)

Thank you for the opportunity, looking forward to hearing back from you soon #hopeful

The Affixx team

#amen #anyways #21stcenturybitch #karmaisabitch #toocoolforschool #priorities #prioritiestake2

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