PPP Week 4, #IndependentWomen

Dear Chris,

Here is the PPP for the previous week.


This week we achieved significant learnings resulted from customer development. We spoke to two medical students, one in year 1 and one in year 3. We asked them several questions in terms of how do they study for an exam and how do they take notes (summarise on paper vs. summarising on a computer), do they share their notes with their friends #SharingIsCaring and if so, how, and what do they do with them once they have finished their exams. Having spoken to them we saw a very similar behavior both in terms of the revision as well as sharing the notes with their classmates.

*Both medical students summarise their notes on their personal computers as they said it makes it easier for them to share it afterwards with their classmates. This leads to the second meaningful finding which shows that both students share their revision notes with the entire class by uploading it to Dropbox or Google Drive so all the classmates can share their work for the benefit of the entire class. One of the interviewees also mentioned that this act also unites and brings together the entire class as each classmate contributes and helps the other students. This is the most important finding as we see that they do it anyways which removes our biggest obstacle of trying to convince them or change their behavior in order to meet the specifications of our service.

*The third year student said that after an exam is finished he doesn't do anything with the paper, and they become “useless” to an extent that they just lie there #DeadWeight. Both students said that they would be willing to sell their old notes to newcomers or different universities as the work for them has been already done and if they could make money out of it, it would be easy and beneficial. #PowerToTheStudents #FuckCorporations.

These findings further reinforced that there is a market for our idea, however we want to continue to enquire into more medical schools within the UK in order to examine whether the majority of schools and the students within them share the same learning process as the above interviewees.

The second progress we achieved this week has been talking to potential candidates that can build the MVP for us. Happn is so happening right now and we are definitely going after freelancers rather than bringing someone on the team. One of the biggest progress was that we are in the process to join the Technion student forum, an Israeli Technological university, to extend our reach and publish our request there.


Finding a developer continues to be our main problem. Keeping them on topic seems to be harder than expected #singleandhorny. While we are trying to keep it professional #ExcuseMe do you know how to write Java?, they keep trying to get laid. Guys, we're not that easy, at least code me something before you try to get me into bed #HardToGet. This has been relatively hard because the majority of programmers have a full time job (but somehow they have the time to be active on dating apps #LookingForTheServerToTheirCode aka the one), however some are willing to do it on the side, I ain't no side girl. As we want the MVP to be up by end of January /beginning of February, we want to make sure the programmer will have sufficient time and skills to do that.


By next week we are planning to talk to more medical students from the UK to see if there’s consistency in their answers. We aim to start by talking to 1 student from each university in London and based on that see whether there’s need to talk to more.

Looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

Best regards,

Adi and Dana

Weekly Playlist

I wll survive- Gloria Gaynor

Survivor- Destiney's Child

Fighter- Christina Aguilera

Dancing on my own- Robyn

Stronger- Britney Spears

Clique- Kanye West, Jay Z & Big Sean

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