PPP Week 5, Finding Love

Dear Chris,

Here is the PPP from the previous week.


We found a freelance programmer who meets our budget and can deliver it by end of January the latest #halleluja #wemadeit #success #overjoyed.

We’ve contacted 3 medical students from UCL, Imperial and King’s via Facebook (bikini profile picture never fails #UseYourMeans). Playing on the fact that we're girls, we chose to target young and inncocent medical students who actually want to make the world a better place #seduction. So we’re still talking to them and hoping to arrange a meeting in December. We’re focusing on the key students who are part of the student union or the medical student societies.


The main problem that we had was finding a programmer, however we already found one so the main focus now is on finding key personalities within the medical degree that through them we can reach the whole network. #ComeToMama #HappyDays #TheLightInTheEndOfTheTunnel #Chanukkah is coming #FromDarknessToLight


To gather more information from the students regarding their learning habits, how they revise for exams, whether they share information and class notes between them and whether they would be willing to share it with other students for money.

The last plan is to finalise everything with the programmer in terms of milestones and template.

*We wanted to ask you what do you think would be the best way to present it to medical professors so they can be on board in terms of supporting the idea which through them we can get directly to their students. We were also wondering whether you can connect us to one or more of UCL medical professors so we can consult with them and learn how to make it more appealing to their students, and ultimately the professors can influence their students to perhaps contribute to the site.

Have a great week!

Adi and Dana

Weekly playlist

We found love- Rihanna

Love story- Taylor Swift

How deep is your love- Clavin Hariis & Disciples

Can't feel my face- The Weekend

Lean on- Major Lazer & DJ Snake

Ain't nobody- Felix Jaehn & Jasmine Thompson

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