PPP Week 6, the Recap

Hi Chris,

As obviously someone wasn't paying any attention #TypicalMen, I guess we will have to explain it AGAIN. This time to make sure that you are actually reading this, we're going to insert some 'test questions' to check your awareness. So lets begin. How was your week? Our was fabulous but we'll get to it in the progress section.

As we explained in the first email, the purpose of Affixx is NOT for plagiarising and does not substitute essay-writing websites. The platform encourages knowledge sharing so students (starting with medical #CashCows) can use previous work done in the field and build upon it. That is why we also explained the importance of the terms and conditions we present the students upon uploading and purchasing a paper #MyAssIsCovered. Hence, we are seeking to be recognised by the universities to build our credibility and reputation as a legitimate source, similar to the data base the university provides to the students. #PowerToTheStudents #FreeEconomy #SharedEconomy. If Uber can why can't we? #UberCrush


We engaged in a lot of customer development this week and got great feedback as well as a lot of insights and new learnings which have influenced the product and its pricing. The pricing system is going to change based on competitors pricing scheme and the understanding that medical students are already subscribed to different websites for different purposes, therefore already paying a lot of money, thus paying approximately £9.99 per paper is unattractive and not reasonable. Therefore, we are going to offer two options: one is a monthly subscription and the second one is pay per paper. The second option can be more relevant for other degrees that will be included in the future, #TheFutureIsHere. Furthermore, because medical students have 2 or 3 exam periods per year, the subscription will be for approximately 3-4 months a year, as customer development reveals that they start revising 4-6 weeks before the start of the exam period. (And we thought they were busting their asses, trying to be doctors, another burst bubble). #SurpriseSurprise. However, this is not necessarily a problem in the medium-long term as law, business, economics students etc have essays, reports and dissertation throughout the year. Believe me we know.

The positive feedback that we received was that there isn’t one website that is cohesive enough and includes all the medical learning resources. Meaning, there are different websites that specialise in different fields like anatomy, neurology etc but nothing that aggregates everything together. Like why being so racist? Therefore, students said that if a website like this existed they would either pay for it or shift from other website to this one. Like #Duh.

Another key learning was that in order to make the students life easier, less is more more or less ;) Therefore, to ensure quality, we should publish one revision note per subject both to make their life and search easier and to ensure the quality level that we aspire to have.

How are the kids Chris? Just checking. #AmIAloneHere #HomeAlone #AllByMyself

Moving on, we also decided to incorporate free videos for the OSCE exams (yes, we said OSCE's, we're that clever) for 3rd, 4th and 5th years that shows the practicality of each station. This will demonstrate our promise to create a hub where all information is in one place for the benefit of the students. Over promise and and over-over achieving. Is that so?

I guess you'll have to subscribe to find out. PPP- Promotion, Promotion, Promotion.


As a result of our conversation with the students, we decided that we want to get the website up and running sooner than February as we want to be there on time for their January exam period. However, our programmer has other deadlines as well and as for now cannot deliver it on time. So what are the plans for Christmas? Going somewhere? #StillHere?

It is not going to be the end of the world if the website wouldn’t be ready by January as we will have more time working on it and getting the students and their revision notes, however, it will delay our learning by at least 4 months and we all know that time is money. #BitchPlease


*Following the problem section, we want to reach a mutual decision with the programmer regarding when the earliest date for which the website can be ready. Money can solve everything, #hopeful. And someone once said that we are greedy Israelis. Never greedy, always resourceful.

*We want to create as many contacts with students as possible, not necessarily for customer development purposes but rather so when the website is up, they will remember us and will sign up. But seriously how could they forget?! We're F***ing charming.

Looking forward to hearing back from you #optimistic

All the best,

Dana and Adi

Weekly playlist

Hello- Lionel Richie

Bitch better have my money- Rihanna

Time is money- Akon

Hung up- Madonna

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