PPP Week 3, #thebreakup

Dear Chris,

Here is the PPP for the following week.


This week we didn’t have much progress however we learnt a lot. The entire week was spent on negotiating a deal with the programmer that as you can see is no longer attached to this email as the deal fell through. (FYI, calling someone “greedy Israelis” while trying to get more equity is NOT a good strategy). However, while speaking to lawyers, founders, VC’s (one of them was Itxaso) and private investors, we definitely learnt a lot of what we should be willing to give at what price. Therefore, although we are currently single, we are definitely ready to mingle ;) That is why I turned to Happn (originally a dating app), but in our case is a recruiting genius for software programmers (who knew software programmers weren’t in demand in the Israeli dating scene). We always knew there were a lot of fish in the sea, but damn seeing it in our own eyes exceeded all of our expectations. Thank God we know how to swim ;)

Based on that experience, we decided that we want to be independent women (we don’t need no man who will tell us what to do, and how much percentage we deserve in our own company while putting us in vesting) Hell No! Mamma raised no fool. But on a serious note, we think that the best course of action would be to go for a freelance developer who will get us to the MVP which than we’d be in a better position to negotiate a long term deal either with him or a different one.

I also met with Abdul (my amazing mentor and the CEO of Vision 2020), who helped us focus more by suggesting to start with medical students and move on by degrees rather than universities, which ultimately turned out to be a better strategy.

This week we also focused on creating a pricing strategy that is based on our direct competitors and their pricing offering. As we want to work on volume rather than margins, we want to price the papers cheaply, but also depending on demand and supply.


I’ve got 1 problem and the bitch is 1, but I think we covered the biggest problem in the previous section, so there’s no need to trash him more than we already did (because we’re such #ClassyLadies).


#Anyways looking forward, the goal for this week is to get over the hard breakup by going to Thailand and just relax (this is a SMART goal as this is the smartest thing I can do for myself). Our focus continues to be on finding our missing link to our love story (We found love in a hopeless place, e.g. #Happn).

This week we are planning to talk to 4 medical students in different years of the degree in order to get a better understanding of their needs when it comes to preparing for their exams. We also want to get insights into how they revise and whether the notes are on their computers or on paper, and ultimately whether they will be willing to share them and if not, what are the reasons for it.

Our focus continues to be on finding a freelance programmer from Israel this time as it makes more sense both financially and in the long-term as we are planning to relocate to Israel in the near future.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your response, until then,

#NAMASTAY in Bangkok!

Weekly Playlist #SettingTheMood

99 Problems- Jay Z

Problem- Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea

F*^k it- Eamon

We are never ever getting back together- Taylor Swift

Cry me a river- JT

Believe- Cher

Love yourself- Justin Beiber

#classyladies #anyways #namastay #Happn

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