PPP week 3, the reponse

From: Chris

To: Dana, Adi

Thanks Dana

Interesting. Any observations on what has made you relatively “unattractive” to the programmers/developers?


Dr. CC


From: Adi

Cc: Dana

To: Chris

Dear Chris,

Following your question what made it unattractive regarding our offer to the developer, which was actually drawn and suggested by Itxaso, putting it nicely was his lack of self awareness and lack of market understanding, which in this case definitely wasn’t worth a third of the company. We're all about self over-evaluation but at the same time you need to keep it real and know how much you're worth. He was mistaken to under-valuing our part in the company (which we created), while thinking that he is indispensable, when in reality there are enough people just like him waiting for an opportunity just like this. Queen B got it wrong saying you're irreplacible. The only part she actually got right was the direction you need go to #ToTheLeftToTheLeft, go to the corner and think about what you did, #reflecting.

Last but not least, his negotiations skills were a demonstration of his unprofessional attitude and lack of knowledge, raising the bar instead of meeting us half way. Therefore, the only thing that turned out to be “unattractive” was him.


Dana and Adi

Song to set the mood

Irreplaceable- Queen B

#tothelefttotheleft #unattractive #reflecting

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