PPP Week 8, Salamat Hindreejat

Hey Chris,

Here is the PPP for the previous week.

But before we get to that we have an unfinished business with you. Don't think for one second that we let this fly under the radar. We Are the Radar. I'm sure you find it quite surprising to see this week's PPP after what you put us through yesterday. Yes, we have long term memory, and if you had one too, you would have remembered to show up for the meeting that YOU scheduled. We don't know if that was your intention but it's definitely #NotCool to leave us hanging in the rain. Honey this is London, there is always a chance for rain. Can you imagine if we had just got our hair done? Could have been such a waste of money #blessed. As a prestigious professor, we're sure you're aware of the 15 minutes rule? Well, we bet you are now. For quite some time we had our doubts about your commitment to the project that YOU initiated, damn why is it so hard to find a guy who's willing to commit? So despite trying to push us away, we're still here, coz we're girls man, and girls don't always realise when it's time to leave #CommitmentIssues #Didn'tGetTheHint.



All week we travelled (taking the underground and Uber Pooling) between UCL, Imperial and King’s College talking to medical students, promoting the website and getting their personal information for the launch date. All good and stuff but couldn't they all be in the same postcode or at least the same area? It could have saved us so much precious time, especially when you need to brunch & lunch in between #Girl'sGottaEat. And on top of that, can we please talk for a second about the 15 min tunnel walk between South Kensington station and Imperial? Yes Boris, we're complaining to you. We're sorry but we didn't get the memo of the forced gym sign-up when all we really care about is education. If we wanted to be part of Victoria's Secret, we would have gone to NYU #Angels. So Boris Johnson, to your treatment #WeCanVote #London'sResidentsAreNotPleased #TightAss.

To show that practice makes perfect, after noticing that med students are not really the talkative type (or maybe it's just with us), we took an informative decision based on big data we collected in the past few days (we heard it's a trend now) to put everything in writing and spread it like confetti everywhere. Realising that toilet is the new library #OrangeIsTheNewBlack, #Never, #BlackIsBlack, we decided to post the majority of leaflets in the campus bathroom (please refer to exhibit 1). Therefore, we want to take this stage and apologize to all the innocent students whom we've disturbed their morning shit. But we did get 4 new emails, so we guess it's kinda working. #Success #IsItTooLateNowToSaySorry #YouKnowWhatWeMean #WhatDoYouMean?

Exhibit 1

More on the efficient note, we’ve been working on our Facebook page which will be used to promote the website (which you are more than welcome to follow and like): https://www.facebook.com/AFFIXX-362385837262342/?ref=bookmarks

It may seem like a small step for you, but will be a big step for our relationship #Achievement #TrustExercise.

Our programmer started working on the website and the initial version is going to be ready to test this weekend. What a buzz kill though, why can't it be ready for Monday? Can't a girl have some time off for herself? #NetflixandChill more like #TacosandMargaritas.


The majority of the students were very enthusiastic about the idea and were keen to take part, yet some did’t agree with the concept of the website for “moral” reasons as they want to keep giving it away for free in order to help the younger students, which we explained that they can do it regardless to whether they upload their papers or not. Although we referred to this worrying subject in the previous post, we came across a very two-faced student known as Hindrajeet (we changed his name to protect his privacy, reputation and basically us) #TalkToMyLawyer #MyLawyerIsMe (I'm a two faced bitch too).

"Hi Dana, hope you are well, and thank you for contacting me! (when it still sounded promising #optimistic #hopeful). Unfortunately, I am not too keen on putting my notes up for sale. I made my own notes and some other people seemed to like them, so I decided to distribute them out. However, I don't think I would feel that comfortable actually selling them to years below. I do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and hope you find someone that is up for sharing their notes. And do thank Carlos for recommending that you contact me!" (Fuck you Carlos, such a waste of time).

Well well well, it's fine and everything and we don't expect everyone to relate to our amazing vision but.... When we came across his blog post supporting excatly what we stand for but just for another startup (It's like Affixx but less originial) we couldn't help but being shocked. Not from the post but rather, what the hell a med student is doing in a startup?!?! Do your parents know about this Hindreejat? How do you have time to study, write all these "great notes", do an internship in a startup and writing a review for them? Do you even have a social life? We're all about over achieving, but WTF?! Don't you think you could have spent this time improving your "amazing notes" and actually making a living out of them? Kinda like the London property business. Don't you know that most startups fail? So let us tell you something 3/4 do. Don't you want to be on the winning side? #KnockOnWood #It'sUs.

We would get it if he was honest with us and say he's in bed with the enemy, it's not in our ineterst to support this conflict of ineterests. But why being so hypocritical? Just keep it real. Honesty is the best policy. You're a doctor, you're supposed to get it, your license is gonna be at stake and we definitely don't want to be your patients if that's how you handle the truth. #Anyways, here is exhibit 2, i.e. a part his blog post.

Exhibit 2

"Today, I am going to share a few thoughts on my experience with S$%&^. S$%^& is a great new app that uses spaced repetition software to help you study smartly and remember things more quickly. I, like pretty much every student in the world, am always looking to remember more in less time #LAZY. We tell ourselves it is because we want to study better, but let’s be honest, the main driver for this is wanting to pass exams as well as have an active social life #WeFeelLikeYou'reLyingAgain. Well, as with pretty much everything these days, the solution lies in the Neuroscience, #IsItThough? Not only is it important to learn actively, but your timing is important to make sure you can learn something as efficiently as possible, and S$%^& is the pioneer service to use this concept of spaced repetition with MCQ questions."

We'll save you from the rest of this long and excruciating blog post, but you get the point. #Don'tMessWIthTheZohan #Part2.


As everyone leaves for holidays, the focus will be on Facebook both to contact them personally and continue to update the Facebook page with suitable content.

Even though We're Jewish (and to protect ourselves from Discrimination Act) we wish you a Merry CHRIStmas. #BabyJesus #JesusWasAJew #WhereIsMyPresent?


Adi and Dana

Weekly Playlist

Bye Bye Bye - N 'Sync

Cry me a river - Justin Timberlake

On to the next one - Jay Z

So long, farewell - Sound of Music

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