Take a Chill Pill, Dr. Jill

Isn't it ironic how life works? We just realised that all the negative energy we've put out there was all about men. And then Dr. Jill came to our life (a woman) to prove you guys that gender equality does exist. We are all about girl power but feminism ain't our thing so Let's Begin Dr. Jill. We would have changed your name but it just rhymes too well so we guess we'll stick to it.

Following our last post where we explained in details our enormous efforts in promoting the website launch, we totally over-exposed ourselves and someone peed at the wrong time and in the wrong toilet #OopsIDidItAgain. This proves our initial hypothesis that toilet IS the new library #Duh.

Dr. Jill, it's really impressive that you got your social media activities together and it's even more inspiring to see how active you are, which definitely gives young girls some hope for the future, but you totally abused your new set of skills. Don't you know that public shaming is kinda wrong and cyber bullying is actually considered as a crime? Why you're trying to bring a girl down and emberassing her in front of her peeps? Being cruel is not cool (please refer to exhibit 1).

Exhibit 1

But we'll give her some credit for also taking the time to write us a personal email in the busiest time of the year, which makes us feel that perhaps she should focus on helping the students like we are trying, coz we're basically picking up your slack. We really do appreciate people who take the time to write us their thoughts and feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and get better for the benefit of all of us #WeAreAllInThisTogether #InItToWinIt. But there is a difference between expressing a genuine opinion and actually threatening someone while sending out an email to all the medical students telling them to disregard this service #CrimeNumber2 (please refer to exhibit 2). Honey, no one is suing us and we are definitely not coming to take those posters down. If you want something done, do it yourself, don't slack again.

Exhibit 2.1. The Email

Exibit 2.2. Our Response

Here is another lesson for life Dr. Jill, by distributing this email to your entire mailing list, you give us exactly what we wanted. Don't you know that every publicity is a good publicity? This whole week we were hustling to get to this fucking mailing list, and here you are giving us the biggest exposure of all. We salute you Dr. Jill #TheIrony. And let us give you some insight into student life. Students NEVER read university emails during holidays and by the time they read this, they are going to be so deep into their exam period that the demo will already be launched #Success #KarmaIsABitch.

So Dr. Jill, You've Just Got Schooled. #Booya.

#duh #oopsididitagain #theirony #success #karmaisabitch #booya #weareallinthistogether #inittowinit #crimenumber2

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