PPP Week 10 #She'sTheOne

Hey Chris,

Hope your week went well! Here is the PPP for the previous week.


Let us start with HALLELUJA/PRAISE THE LORD/ CLOUD9 and every positive word in the English dictionary. #BlessedAgain.

After everything we went through with the lawyers (described in PPP 9), we managed to finally find the one. The one we trust to represent us, the one that will stand up for us, the one that gets us and the one that will draw the perfect terms & conditions for us. The one is a WOMAN. We swear, we're not trying to be feminist or anything like that, we do shave (we promise) and you are more than welcome to check our Instagram to verify that #FollowForFollow #TagsForLikes. However, all the guys that we had to deal with so far were such a dissapointment, we think pussy is the right word. So when our amazing lawyer came to us and simplified everything in one sentence, saying what we wanted to hear and what is so damn obvious which btw is taught in the first law class in fucking foundation is that "you can't be liable for something you didn't know', like duhhh, and since then we were hooked. #DrunkInLove

And you know what's the funniest part, she had the lowest rate out of all of them. Women always tend to under-value themselves. Don't worry, we ain't one of them #ChiChing. If you want to contact her altough she may be busy (being superwoman isn't easy) you can contact us.


Remember the launch date 7th of January? Well that ain't happening anymore #LongGone #GoneGirl #GoneWithTheWind #IDon'tGiveADamn #ISoDo.

Why no one respects a deadline over here? This ain't a softball game It's the damn Superball final so get on it!


Get the website up and running!

And finalise the terms and conditions and the privacy contract as well as start sending emails informing about the launch date and promotions.

---- If you didn't hear about our promotion yet click on the link below ----


It's not called PPP for nothing

Best regards,

Adi and Dana

Weekly playlist

Who run th world- Queen B

This is a man's world- James Brown

Drunk in Love- Beyonce and Jay Z

She's the one- Robbie Williams

One in a million- Bosson #SoGay

Hero- Enrique Iglesias

#shestheone #blessedagain #followforfollow #tagsforlikes #drunkinlove #chiching #longgone #gonegirl #gonewiththewind #idontgiveadamn #isodo #ppp #week10

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