PPP Week 7, #SecondChance

Dear Chris,

Attached is the PPP from the previous week. Honestly, at this point I'm not sure if there's even a point in writing this since you obviously failed last week's test. So you might as well subscribe to the website and revise. Since we don't need any man's approval #IndependentWomen we're finally focusing on ourselves. Ohh it feels good. What was we missing all those years?


We finalised the contract with the programmer and the prototype will be ready by the 7th of January just in time for the exam period. Here we are again, showing off our negotiation skills. Whoever said that money can't buy you happiness, was wrong. We're pretty happy right now. #Content #OverJoyed #Cloud9 #WalkingOnSunshine. It's all about the money. Every 1st year business student knows that.

We also did a lot of customer development including today when we visited Imperial and met with medical students. All students from Imperial, UCL and King’s responded in the same way regarding their learning process and the way they get hold of the revision notes which helps us design something that is going to be relevant for all of them. Finally, all of them said that they would be interested in using the website. #success, they know what's best for them. We learnt that their main exams start in March so the revision starts in February, so we will have more time to get students on board. Choo Choo the train is leaving, all on board.


The only problem at the moment is approaching professors and explain them the idea so they can refer their students to the website and thus help us get traction and be considered as a valid source of information. Like God Chris, you've just got one tiny job in this entire operation, and you totally failed. You know what they say, once a failure always a failure. We're putting you in vesting until you prove yourself. #Anyways we wanted to ask you whether you can connect us to medical professors in UCL #again. If so, it would help us a lot! #ToughLove. If Selena forgave Justin, we can find it in our heart to forgive you. #SecondChance #ProveYourself #YouBetterWorkIt.


We are planning to continue to meet medical students from the three universities and both get their emails and get their notes. We freed our space on Google Drive so bring it on. This is our number one goal at the moment, so when we launch the website we will already have a mailing list. Finally, we wanted to ask you since we are both in London this and next week, whether you have some time to meet us for further advice. #FinallyReunite #KeepingTheRomanceAlive, let me tell you this, long-distance relationship are hard.

Thanks in advance, Looking forward to hearing from you, #NotGonnaHappen


Adi and Dana

Weekly playlist

Lose yourself- Eminem

The Hills- The weekend

Work it- Missy Elliott

Tambourine- Eve

Long distance- Bruno Mars

#content #overjoyed #cloud9 #walkingonsunshine #anyways #secondchance #proveyourself #youbetterworkit #finallyreunite #keepingtheromancealive #notgonnahappen #ppp #week7 #again #toughlove

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