PPP week 7, the Surprising Response

Y​ou know when you the least expect it it comes to you? You know the saying, if you love someone set them free? Well we did, and the love chose to stay. Men love bitches and that's why we're meeting him this week. Are we? I won't belive it till I see it. #StayTuned.


From: Chris

To: Dana, Adi

Hi, very happy to meet— Monday morning?

Maybe I am overestimating the conservatism of professors, but my sense is that their comfort level with any model other than “consult original sources and do the work on your own” is quite low. Certainly I am struggling to see professors promoting any product or service (this is one of the barriers to many sorts of ed tech innovations, you normally have to sell it to the students or to the University’s central management in order to get take up…)

But we can brainstorm around this…

#staytuned #ppp #week7 #thesurprisingresponse

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