Customer Development, Shit Just Hit the Fan

Every day I'm hustling x2 #MoreLike200

This is the tune of the last couple of days. Just to summarise, we became professional spies, professional stalkers, total creepers to the point where Facebook actually presented us with a pop-up test to identify pictures with waterfalls and tigers (please refer to exhibit 1). If you know what we're talking about you reached rock bottom too. #Anyways, we are full on HUSTLERS now. #Booya

Exhibit 1

Well, it wasn't easy chasing you med students down. Why do you have to be so socially awekward man? A girl's just trying to make a conversation. We don't want to burst your bubble, but one day you'll have to do this for a living, you know talking to patients and stuff. Otherwise just stay in research.

Most of you were really nice, we'll give you that, but YO, we're not professionals or anything (yet) but we definitely identified some very common and worrying disease in some of you, referred by your fellow doctors as a stick shoved up your ass and it's that serious you might actually be needing a surgery. Some of the sympthoms are: "high morals", "ethics", "we are here for the community", "we understand the struggle of young students", "we don't feel comfortable sharing our notes for money" "fuck money", "eww money is dirty" and something along those lines. Someone should really make those medical students take a quick business course, coz FYI NPO's (Non Profit Organisation) always fail, and this never seems to dissapoint.

Can we all just be real for a second and acknowledge the fact that the only disease that you have is shame of your work and stinginess. Don't you see we're trying to bring back the power to the students? Why being so anal? Who would you rather have the money? corporations or the people? (coz someone's gotta have it), #Business101.

But you know what's even more worrying you horny bustards? Is that someone is actually trying to work for a living, unlike you dragging school for ages #kidding we appreciate all your help. But seriously, don't turn the conversation to your dick. Yes I'm talking to you John. Cut it out. You're officially blocked from my life and my Facebook. And no, I'm not interested in a threesome. But thanks for thinking about me #flattered (please refer to exhibit 2).

Exhibit 2

Moving on to our friends, such a fucking dissapointment. The one responsibility you've got and you dropped it like it's hot. Do you even listen to what we're talking about? Yes Stevie, you just lost our vote #2040 #Don'tMessWithTheZohan #Don'tEvenHaveAGreenCard #Can'tVote #It'sAllAboutChinaAnyway (he knows what we mean, does he?). Such a shame coz we believed in you, but did we really? I guess Stevie will always wonder.

#Phew we feel so much better now, we just had to put it out there #VerbalDiarrhea. So the lesson of the day is don't keep anything inside, brought to you by your truly doctors.

Adi and Dana

Song to set the mood

Hustlin'- Rick Ross

#morelike200 #anyways #booya #business101 #kidding #2040 #dontmesswiththeZohan #dontevenhaveagreencard #cantvote #itsallaboutChineanyway #phew #verbaldiarrhea #customerdevelopment

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