PPP Week 11, #AlwaysUnderestimated

Dear Chris,

Hope you enjoyed the last PPP, here is the new one!


The terms and conditions and all the other legal documents are ready but guess what isn't? The fucking website. Yes we just dropped the F bomb. This is not Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, here we make the rules and we're pissed! #YetAgain.

We never really talk about the progress of the blog. Yes yes, The Dumb Fox (the one you're reading now), but since it became such a big part of our life #fullfilment, we decided to share the news with you (our loyal readers, all 5 of you). So good news (imagine the confetti exploding now and the champagne popping #ChampagneShowers), we just hit 1000 followers on Instagram #Celebration. Twitter and Facebook on the other hand is totally a different story but we'll talk about it later. #AvoidingTheTopic.


Another week went by and the 7th of January could not be further away. Apparently what happened is that our programmer, the creator of our new born (Affixx), totally under-estimated the significance of the project. He thought we were just gonna be a side project while working with the big guys. Well, he was totally wrong, honey, I ain't no one's side chick. But you know what’s even more annoying? If there’s something we cannot stand is repeating ourselves 500 times across every single communication channel (emails, Skype, phone calls and texts). Do you want it written in the sky? Would that make it clearer? Because getting a helicopter up would be totally worth it if that’s what it takes #OurMentalHealthComesFirst. Yes, we meant HELVETICA BOLD.

Also, we find it quite surprising to say the least that we haven’t even launched version 1.0 yet, and he’s already sending us contracts regarding v1.3. We’re all about planning ahead but dude where is our version 1.0? Even SpaceX has already landed in Mars (Elon Musk well done #Legend). So why is it so difficult to get us online?

So after adjusting the dates and making some calculations (you know computer), he came to the conclusion that it will all be ready in 2 weeks time. Say WHATTTTT. Now, when we say all we mean copy+paste of the About Us section, terms & conditions and privacy policy and creating the referral programme and emails notifications which should have been ready a week ago. #Ain’tNobodyGotTimeForThis #TimeIsMoney. Our investors are waiting to see results aka our parents #TheSecretIsOut. Yes Mike, We're talking to you. #YouAskedWeAnswer.

You keep stressing about respecting the contract, especially the invoices that you keep sending us on a daily, but where is the part where you respect the deadline? If you don’t keep your end of the deal, we don’t keep ours #CommonSense #I’llShowYouMineIfYouShowMeYours. We have a lawyer now so don’t mess with us. #Don’tMessWithTheZohanTake3 #I'mNotMyLawyerAnymore.


Sorry to bore you guys but yet again we didn’t reverse our goals. LAUNCH THE FUCKING WEBSITE. PROMOTE IT AND EXIT. BYE. WE’RE OUT.

We would love to end the PPP on a positive note #PositivityIsKey #EatPrayLove #BaliHereICome. This under-estimation wasn’t only about the project but was also in the price, which ended up saving us some major money! Burn rate has just got lower. Good Job #HighFivingOurselves #HandsInTheAirLikeWeJustDon’tCare.


Adi and Dana

Weekly Playlist

Always on time- Ja Rule ft. Ashanti

Champagne showers- LMFAO

Celebration- Kool & The Gang

Hung up- Maddona

Drops of Jupiter- Train

Too little too late- JoJo

Official Girl- Cassie ft Lil Wayne

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