PPP Week 12, #GoingInternationally

Hey Chris,

Hope everything is well, here is the PPP for the previous week.


This was the week where we stopped counting on our friends and more on our money #MoneyNeverDissapoints. Instead of focusing all of our energy in forcing the people around us to read this blog, we turned to Facebook Ads for salvation. Not ours but yours really. The world needs us and Facebook Ads will make it happen! At least that's what Mark Zukerberg made us believe in #It'sAllLies, but we'll get back to it soon.

You know the phrase "Do not chase people. Work hard and be you. The right people who belong in your life will come find you and stay. Do your thing". Well whoever came up with this inspirational shit was so on point. Before we came across this phrase we were focusing on chasing the wrong people, literally begging them to fucking share our Facebook page on their profile. We wouldn't normally do that #DesperateTimesCallForDesperateMeasures, but those people speak so highly of themselves, their HUGE network and influence and how MUCH money they make #IRS we're here for your service #KarmaIsABitch #I'llSnichIfIHaveTo #ThugLifeIsNotTheLifeForMe. That's why it was so important for us to have their support. However, looking back at that difficult time (which was 2 days ago, yes we move on fast), we realised that while these people walk around like they're the shit, to us they are just full of shit. #ShitShitShitShit.

The moment we decided to let go of those incompetent people, we created the space in our life for the right people to come in #FriendsDetox #GoodEnergyAttractsGoodEnergy. And shortly enough, they did, and you know what's the best part, we didn't even have to beg for it #success. So one of those amazing people, which also happens to be an NYU professor was so excited about the idea that she had to invite us to present it infront of her class. Dr. Gill, IN YOUR FACE! #ShoveIt.


Back to Mark Zukerberg and one of his toys (Facebook Ads), we are really glad that you became a first-time dad and all (she's super cute btw) but honey, we feel like you started slacking. Where is everything you promised us? You know all the new and RELEVANT followers, coz last time we checked, Zimbabwe wasn't anywhere near NY. So let's finish geography before we move on to the serious stuff (like managing the largest social media platform in the world). We expected more of you. And because of that you are more than welcome to go and visit affixx.co (without the M, the Kickstarter campaign will be launched shortly, after affixx is launched), and learn a few things about geography from people who already graduated. And while you're there, you're more than welcome to take advantage of our special promotions like uploading a paper and get one free, or invite your friends to the website (all the 1.55 billion of them). We are not sure our servers could handle all of them but we're willing to take the risk #ChallengeExpected. So you can only imagine how many free papers you're gonna have by the time your daughter starts college. We are saving you a lot of money here. You can thank us by firstly refunding our failing Facebook Ads campaign. Cheers.

You know when you design a product, or in our case write a blog, you have an image of who your readers are going to be, or to put in professional terms, personas. So Google Analytics smashed that dream too. All those big corporations just casue more pain than gain. We love the fact that we're so international #ShoutoutToRussia (our number 1 supporters) but WTF?! We were so curious to find out how they even heard about us that we had to track the source down. And man, Santa has never looked more dodgy (please refer to exhibit 1). So we would love if someone could contact us and shed some light on this Russian mystery (contact@thedumbfox.com).

Exhibit 1


We promise that this is the last time we're gonna say this, but the plan for the week is to LAUNCH THE WEBSITE. Andreas can you please stop embarrassing us? We are trying to build a reputation here.

To sum it all up and to show our appreciation to the Russian nation, PPP for the week means so much more to us - Praise President Putin!


Adi and Dana

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