PPP Week 13, #TheGreatLaunch

Hey Chris,

I'm sure you're going to be THRILLED that after 12 long weeks of hearing us complain about everything, baby Affixx is now born #It'sABoy #AlwaysWantedABoy #BoysAreSoMuchEasier #SavingMoneyOnTampons #EveryPennyCounts #Recession. Like every birth, the due date was supposed to be after 9 months but because for us entrpreneurs each week felt like a whole month, you can only imagine the extra weight of carrying it for 3 more weeks #SuperHeavy #OverWeight #MoreLikeObese. Did you see Kim K when she was pregnant the first time with North? We hope that next time for us would feel more like baby Saint #SecondBirthIsAlwaysEasier. To be continued... Just joking, or are we?


You and probably everyone else (except for our amazing investors #BloodIsThickerThanWater #D&AAllTheWay) thought this day would never come, unfortunately for you guys IT DID #SorryForYourLoss #SorryNotSorry. Now that it's actually live it's way easier for us to reach out to our target audience and get them to go on the website #UsersWeAreReady #ComeAtMe. So because we are focusing now on getting as much data as possible, we boombarded social media, sending more than 1,000 messages urging people to upload as many papers as possible. And yes, when we say wrote #harrassed, we contacted all our "supportive" and not so supportive friends including all the asswholes from our past that we promised to never speak to again #MindOverMatter #EgoHelpsNoOne #ForgivnessIsKey.

Thanks for having the extra time to prepare for the launch, we came up with an awesome promotion to encourage students to upload their work, which if you go onto the webiste, you'll see it ain't called promotion for nothing. Secret, if you close the pop up window 3 times it would never appear again. But don't tell anyone we told you, it's bad for business #You'reWelcome. So counting on our amazing promotion and extraordinary personal skills (everyone needs to work on their strengths that's why we hired a programmer #WeekSpot), we aimed to get 250 academic papers on the website by the end of the first week #GoBigOrGoHome. At the day of the launch, although we were in two seperate locations, Paris and the less exotic one BMW garrage (shoutout to BMW for the amazing customer service and the free car wash), we couldn't hide our excitment of seeing papers uploaded one after another in a speed that reminds you of a Formula 1 race #TeamHamillton. Although it was mostly our friends #OrganicUsers, even they needed a little bit of a push (never saw an organic vegetable grow just by itslef). So after pressuring them to upload as many papers as they can #AllOfThem, we finished the day happier than ever (hope our wedding day would feel almost the same #HappilyEverAfter).

Also as you all know (and we are not ashamed to put it out there #TurningWeeknessToStrength) our relationship with Andreas, aka our programmer, had its share of ups and downs, more on the down side in the past few weeks. Our communication seemed harder than ever and the tension levels between us (to all you dirty thinkers not sexual, he’s married you know #EvenHasAKid) increased. Affixx’ launch basically saved our relationship #Married+1 #ThankGod #Grateful #WhatWouldWeBeWithoutYou (richer!), and all of a sudden all the problems we had in the past magically vanished. We really believe that in order to succeed, instead of going hard on people and taking them down, motivating them can achieve much more #Maslow’sPiramedeOfNeeds. So when we shared with him our excitement and all the positive feedback that we received from our users, we were truly touched by his genuine belief that we are gonna be BILLIONAIRES! That's what we were trying to say all this time! #JustPuttingItOutThere.


Nevertheless, not everything was roses and red. Despite the great success of the first couple of days, at some point during the week the number of uploads started to fall, reaching a startic number that carried on for the rest of the week with a few uploads here and there #RecessionAllOverAgain #BubbleBurst #RealityCheck #WhatTheHellAreWeGonnaDoNow #SomeonePleaseCall911.


Fix the problem and increase the number of users and uploads per user. Because the website is unusable if there is not enough data (what would Google be without its search result, and yes, we just compared ourselves to Google #AimHighOrGetHIred), our sole focus is on the upload part #LongTermInvestment.

On a more serious note as if we weren't serious enough until now, we wanted to genuinely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the amazing support we receive until now and all the warm and encouraging comments you gave us during the week of the launch! It trully makes it all worthwhile! #LoveYou #Grateful #Blessed #CountingOurBlessings #KeepThemComing #AddictedToTheFame.

Your Dummies

Weekly Playlist

It's Raining Man (more like raining papers) - The Weather Girls

Firework - Katy Perry

Someone Please Call 911 - Wyclef Jean ft. Mary J. Blige

Bubble But - Major Lazor

Thank You - Dido

For Once in my Life - Steivie Wonder

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